Our Tennis Professional Staff will not only improve your tennis game on the court but provide you with mental skills and strategies to help your game off the court. Whether you are interested in learning techniques or tactics, the variety of lessons, drills, and clinics offered will improve your whole tennis game.

Adult Private LessonsMembersNon-Members
1/2 Hour Private$45$50
1 Hour Private$80$90
"3 + Me"
1 1/2 Hour Private:
3 Adults & Pro
(Doubles Strategy)
Private Lessons PackageBuy 5Get 1 FREE!

Adult ClinicsTimeNTRPMembersNon-Members
Stroke of the Day
Clinics rotate between
ground strokes, volleys,
and serves.
Dynamic Doubles
Doubles drills and tactics.


Beat the Pro(s)
Play points with and
against our
professional staff.



*Must sign up in advance for the above clinics. Attendance determines class length:
1 person: 1/2 hour
2+ people: 1 hour

Feel free to contact the Pro Shop or the Tennis Professional Staff with any questions regarding the clinics and activities (760) 200-8200.


Tennis is one of the best ways for kids to become healthy and physically fit. The very nature of the game with serving, returning, and rallying makes tennis an active sport with plenty of starts, stops, and direction changes. As such, tennis is a great cardiovascular activity, and the movements on the courts help develop agility, balance, and coordination. Mental focus is also sharpened through tennis as decision-making and concentration are necessary every time a ball is hit.

When using balls, racquets, and court sizes that are age and ability appropriate, the benefits are immediate. Within a short time, kids are excited and rallying. It will make it easier to get into the game and, by making tennis more fun from the start, to stay in the game. Emphasis will be on both learning and having fun.

Junior Private LessonsMembersNon-Members
1/2 Hour Private$40$45
1 Hour Private$70$80
Private Lessons PackageBuy 5Get 1 FREE!

Indian Wells Tennis Garden Junior Academy offers classes for children ages 4-18 years old. Classes are offered for beginners to tournament skill level players and have a 6-1 player to professional ratio. Browse the January-February 2018 flyer to see dates and details. Class descriptions are as follows:

Futures: Classes for children aged six and under who are just starting out in tennis. Fundamentals will be emphasized (with an extra emphasis on fun!) as well as the ABCs: Agility, Balance, and Coordination.

Futures - Red Ball

Age6 years and under
BallRed foam ball - larger than the red felt ball, moves slower through the air, bounces lower and travels less distance
CourtVarious court sizes and shapes
RacquetUp to 23" dependent on the size of the player
Scoring Options
  • Cooperative scoring
  • Task oriented challenges
Stage DescriptionVarious sized balls and implements as well as various court sizes and shapes are utilized.  Players are trying to get acquainted with how their bodies work and how the racquet interacts with the ball. 

 Children start playing immediately and use specialized equipment, proper sized courts and modified scoring to meet their level, even if they've never held a racquet before. Once they're on the court, they're in the game! 

Challengers - Red Ball

Age8 years and under
BallRed felt ball - larger than the orange felt ball,, moves slower and bounces lower than orange felt ball
Court36' x 18' for both singles and doubles
RacquetUp to 23" dependent on the size of the player
Scoring Options
  • Tiebreak to 7 or 10
  • Best of 3 tiebreaks to 7 or 10
  • Timed Matches
Stage DescriptionSlower play on smaller court. Shorter racquets enable earlier play.  Individual/team games and activities are played.  Development of techniques and simple tactics. 

Challengers - Orange Ball

Age9-10 years
BallOrange felt ball - moves faster, bounces higher and travels farther than the red foam and red felt balls
Court60' x 21' singles; 60' x 27' doubles
Racquet23–25" dependent on the size of the player
Scoring Options
  • Tiebreak to 7 or 10
  • Best of 3 tiebreaks to 7 or 10
  • 4 game set using no-ad scoring
Stage DescriptionPlayers move to a larger court, still relevant to their size. The ball is slightly faster than red ball, but lower bounce is appropriate for child's size and provides the ability to implement advanced techniques and tactics.  Matches are longer than at red, and children play both individual and team events. 

Challengers - Green Ball

Age11 years and over
BallGreen felt ball - slightly slower moving and reduced bounce from yellow felt ball giving more time to get to and return shots
Court78' x 27' singles; 78' x 36' doubles
Racquet25–27" dependent on the size of the player
Scoring Options
  • Tiebreak to 7 or 10
  • 4 game set using no-ad scoring
  • Best of 3 short sets to 4 games (3rd set as a match tiebreak)
Stage DescriptionCourt size is increased. The ball is faster than at orange, but slower and lower bouncing than the yellow ball, helping players to continue to develop good technique, movement and advanced tactics. Matches are slightly longer than at orange, and both individual and team events are played. 

 Classes for competitive players who have progressed through Red, Orange and Green stages and are ready to take their game to the next level.  The goal is to help players develop tournament mentality backed by strokes and strategies.

Tour - Yellow Ball

Age11 years and over
BallYellow felt ball
Court78' x 27' singles; 78' x 36' doubles
Racquet25–27" dependent on the size of the player


  • Any scoring system within the Rules of Tennis
Stage DescriptionOnce players have progressed through the Red, Orange and Green stages, they will usually be ready to train and compete with a yellow ball on the full court.