Guest Policy

Members bringing guests

Each membership is allotted 4 complimentary guest passes per calendar month.  Members may bring additional guests in a calendar month for a $10.00 fee per guest during “season” (October 1 – May 31), and $5.00 per guest in summer (June 1 – September 30).

Members must sign in their guests on the “Guest Sign-In” sheet at the front desk prior to play commencing.  Be sure to enter the first and last names of the guest(s).

Guests of members

An individual guest may play a maximum of 8 times per season, but no more than 4 times in any given month at the Indian Wells Tennis Garden using member’s complimentary guest passes. The season is from October 1 through May 31.  Thereafter, a $10.00 fee will apply during the “season” (October 1 - May 31, and a $5.00 fee during the summer session (June 1 - September 30.


Computerized tracking of member’s and their guests will be maintained in the Pro Shop.  Members may check their current status by contacting the Pro Shop. 


Unless otherwise specified, any guest fees incurred will be charged to your club account.

Click here for a printable copy of the policy.