Game Arranging

What is Game Arranging?

Game arranging is a complementary service performed by the Indian Wells Tennis Garden Pro Shop personnel. Every member is listed on a master roster. Players requesting game arranging are paired with other players with similar abilities. The levels are initially determined by a player's USTA/NTRP rating. If the player does not have a USTA/NTRP rating, the Tennis Director, the Head Pro, the Teaching Professionals, and the Pro Shop staff will provide the initial rating.

How Can I Get My Rating Changed?

There are two ways for a player's rating to change. One is by use of the USTA's computer generated ratings. If your rating changes based on your participation in USTA leagues or sanctioned tournaments, we will update your rating accordingly. The USTA has an appeals process for those who think that they are incorrectly rated. The Indian Wells Tennis Garden will abide by the USTA's decision on appeals.

The second way that your rating can change is by your participation in regular games at the Tennis Garden. Players who do not have a USTA/NTRP rating and request game arranging are required to report their scores to the Pro Shop using an Indian Wells Tennis Garden Match Scorecard. The results will be evaluated by the Tennis Director and the staff, and will allow us to more accurately match you with players at or near your level. This is an ongoing process, so ratings may change as the results suggest.

Do I Need a Scorecard If I Arrange My Own Games?

If a player arranges their own games, no scorecards are required. In this instance, you have chosen the players you want to play with, regardless of level. We do not track these games.

What Do I Need To Do To Arrange My Own Games?

To arrange your own games for singles, you need to provide a member name, or a guest name at the time you reserve the court. For doubles, you need to provide the other three members' or guests' names at the time you reserve the court. Once you advise the Pro Shop that you will fill the match, the Pro Shop will not attempt to fill any of the open slots in that match.

To assist you, the Pro Shop can provide you with a complete roster of members' names and telephone numbers, which can be used to arrange your own games. We can also tailor a list for you that would include players at or near your level. Players that you have recruited for your match should call you when they will not be able to play. If you have created your own game and one of the players that you recruited can't play, the Pro Shop can assist you by providing you with some names and telephone numbers of those who might want to play in your game.

Can I Specify Who I Want In My Game?

The responsibility for a game is either your or the Pro Shop's. If you arrange your own game, you can ask whomever you want to be in that game. Once you turn the game over to the Pro Shop to arrange, they will call other players at or near your ability level to be in your game. You may, however, call players that you want in your game and have them call the Pro Shop to put themselves into your game. In this instance, the Pro Shop will bracket the players together so that they will not be moved to another game. This is to avoid not just double bookings, but also players being unaware that they have been put into a game by someone else.

What If I'm In a Self-Arranged Game and I Have To Cancel?

If you are a part of a self-arranged game and you must cancel, you will need to call the person who arranged the game to let them know. Because the person that arranged the game wanted you specifically, the Pro Shop will not put someone else in the game. We will assist the game arranger with names and telephone numbers if needed.

What If I'm In a Game That the Pro Shop Arranged and I Have To Cancel?

If the Pro Shop personnel arranged your game and you must cancel out, you should call the Pro Shop at the earliest possible time. Obviously, the more notice the better. This will allow us the time needed to refill the game and not leave three other players without a game. The Pro Shop will make every effort to find a substitute for you and refill your game.

Can I Specify Players That I Do Not Want To Play In My Games?

Once the Pro Shop takes responsibility for the game, they will fill the game with players at or near your level of play. We do not maintain lists of players with whom a particular person does not want to play. 

Will the Pro Shop Call Me the Day Before My Game To Confirm?

Yes. The Pro Shop will call each player the day prior to their scheduled match. The court sheet is marked with whom we have talked, or if we have left a voicemail. The number that we use to confirm matches is the primary number that you have given to us. We assume that messages are checked regularly by that player.

Do Members Have Priority Over Community Players In Game Arranging?

Yes. We will always try to put members in games before going to our community list. The possible exception would be a situation where a member cancels with short notice and we have a community player in the Pro Shop or on the grounds. We will ask the community player to play in the game to ensure that the game is refilled.

Additionally, if we have a community player in a game, and a member requests a game at the same level, we will bump the community player if the member requests the game with more than 24 hours notice. This allows the community player time to find another match.

Community players are an integral part of tennis in the desert for those clubs who provide game arranging. These players typically have good experiences playing with our members, and enjoying our courts and atmosphere. Many of them go on to become full-time members. 

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